Hey there, in addition to squashing some nasty little bugs, we’ve also implemented some awesome new features in our latest product release – so go check em out!

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #32 as of July 15th.


New KPIs

In addition to the 20+ standard KPI’s already available, you can record KPIs against both Funds and Fund Portfolio Companies – coupled with the option to create further custom KPIs.



Fund Update Reports

You can now create update reports against Funds, allowing you to circulate internal reports to investment teams or your preferred recipient of choice.



Contact Custom Attributes

Contacts can now have custom attributes stored against them. If you have not facilitated a certain field, you now have the option to create a custom field such as Text, Number, URL, Drop-Down to better define and classify your contacts.



Delete Documents

For any documents uploaded to the system or linked via cloud solutions such as G-Drive or OneDrive, you now have the ability to permanently delete these files from the system – allowing for better housekeeping across your records.



General Bug Fixes

In addition to the awesome features above, we’ve also squashed a few bugs, but we’ll not go into the gory details!


Got a question about these updates?

Get in touch with your account manager or drop us a note at support@quva.co.uk1